OneLens: 2019 Panoramas

     Time for a year-in-review panorama post! I’ve been slacking a bit (Ok, totally and completely) on posting on this photoblog. Whomp. Whomo. The ease-of-use and instantaneous nature  of instagram has really made long-form blog posting obsolete. But let’s resolve in 2020 to post on here more often!

Panoramas taken on my iPhone 10 and edited in the Snapseed app. Photo-credit goes to my best friends on the two pano’s where I’m seen on the outside edges! #OpticalIllusion



Point Reyes National Seashore: August 2019. An hour+ north of San Francisco, CA. A quiet, unpopulated walk (can’t say “hike” based on the lack of inclines) with 270-degree views of Drakes Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Don’t get too close to the edge, as the granite rock formations are crumbling into the sea!

IMG_4958Desolation Wilderness, South Lake Tahoe, CA: November 2019. A surprise, mid-hike mountain lake. We were about a mile into our trek toward Maggies Peak (slow going based on the steep incline and higher altitude) when the trail opened up to reveal this!!! I’ve never seen such blue water so still. The reflection of the pines around the edges was the coolest optical illusion. And oh(!), I’ve never seen moss so neon green!

IMG_4961Desolation Wilderness, South Lake Tahoe, CA: November 2019. The totally organic gazing-into-the-wilderness-and-pondering-life’s-greater-things hiking pose 😛

Snapseed 16Surin Beach, Phuket, Thailand: May 2019. Just a handful of steps away from the beach access staircase of the Surin Beach Resort, this was another one of Thailand’s magnificent sunsets. The lack of noise pollution and light pollution makes Surin Beach a nicer gem than the tourist trap of Phuket Beach-a few miles to the south. 

IMG_5803U.S. Bank Stadium: Home of the Minnesota Vikings: December 2019. Out of seven Monday Night Countdown stadiums I worked at this year, Minnesota far and away had the most visually impressive stadium and fan experience. Skol Vikings!

Zhangjiajie Bristol, CT: June 2019. This. Is. SportsCenter! Left-to-Right: SC:AM, 6pm, SVP lighting designs.

SC Zhangjiajie National Forest Part, Zhangjiajie, China: May 2019. Two days removed from my Conquer The Wall Marathon, I got my step count even higher exploring this national treasure. Unfortunately, I got about 45 minutes of clear weather and two days of white-out fog. This is the Ten Mile Gallery trail–really a 1.5 mile walking path to a scenic viewing area. Skip the tram system shuttle tourists in on. It’s a different angle to see the rock formations from–but only at the top will you get the stunning, breath-taking, “WOW” views! Budget about 90 minutes for this round-trip and spend the rest of your time at the top of the mountains!