Utah: Angel’s Landing is for Psychopaths

     As I wrote in my TripAdvisor review: Angel’s Landing is for PSYCHOPATHS. Despite my recent forays into trail running, I still don’t consider myself an “outdoors” person. So for my Arizona/Utah road-trip I planned to do a drive-by of the Grand Canyon, a day of hiking in Zion, and a mini-hike at Bryce Canyon, before ending the trip in Salt Lake City.

All the .gov websites listed Angel’s Landing as a 4-5 hour “strenuous” hike. That’s the exact length of time I max-out at, and I figured the 5.5 miles distance was long enough for me to justify dessert. In my experience, websites TOTALLY trend toward overselling difficulty levels. I believe they want to scare away the out-of-shapes and the disillusioned city-dwellers. The .gov websites–and numerous placards around the park–warn this trail is not for children, those with a fear of heights, or those with pulmonary conditions.

Noted. But not really believed.

Holy SMOKES the .gov sites undersell Angel’s Landing!!! The Walter’s Wiggles switchbacks live up to the “strenuous” billing. But the last half-mile is for complete psychopaths. Those who trend toward bold, disinhibited actions–those with poor risk assessment will totally excel. Nothing like the fear of a 1500 foot fall to make you question your life decisions. Oh, but yes, the pics were worth it. And aren’t we all out there doing this for the ‘gram?! Lol (But not LOL…)

Other shots are from Bryce Canyon and my drive into Salt Lake City. Everything taken on my iPhone and my Canon Mark III. Edits done in Photoshop.






Zion National Park: Walking to The Narrows

IMG_8302 Zion National Park: As seen from Angel’s Landing

IMG_8398Cedar Breaks National Monument

IMG_8406Bryce Canyon: As seen from the West Rim Trail

Snapseed 3Zion National Park: The Narrows

IMG_8400 Cedar Breaks National Monument

IMG_8295 Zion National Park: The trail (where?) at Angel’s Landing


Snapseed 4  Zion National Park: River walk toward The Narrows

IMG_8326 Zion National Park: Looking toward the West Rim Trail from Angel’s Landing