OneLens in San Francisco, CA pt. 1

Travel alert: Free Parking at East Beach, Crissy Field. Trip advisor warns of limited spaces during high-traffic weekends-however, my Monday, 10am arrival time went without incident or hassle. It’s about a one mile walk from this parking area to the base of the bridge.
City Skyline as seen from the Golden Gate
Taken about 1/4th of the way across the Golden Gate Bridge. In the foreground is Marine Drive and part of the Fort Point National Historic Site. Normally I tend to shy away from saturating pictures in post–but I really liked the “pop of color” of the sea leading into the sky. Travel tip: Stay to the RIGHT (on the way out, LEFT on the way back) Don’t get hit by a biker!
Marin County Line
Worm’s eye perspective of the Golden Gate Bridge right at the Marin County line. Wikipedia (not a credible source) lists the bridge as 1920meters (high-five to my track and field days metric-system reference!) which means I logged some decent mileage making it to Marin County. Sigma 10-20mm wide-lengle lens. Cropped a smidge in post.
Alcatraz. Shot on my Canon 55-250mm lens from the Golden Gate Bridge
New City-Antiquated Feel
One of my favorite shots of the city (Canon 55-250mm). Funny, improbable, subconscious reference, but I’m looking at this picture and going, “wow, something about this skyline screams ‘Clint Eastwood’ to me…” No joke-I legit googled a hunch and found out this was the backdrop for his Dirty Harry movies..I last saw the movies almost 20 years ago-pretty frickin’ cool it was somehow imprinted somewhere on my brain.
Golden Gate at 2pm
Shot before taking a break at the Fort Point National Historic Site “Warming Hut” picnic area. Purchased a banana nut muffin and a lemonade. Price=Overpriced. Experience=Joyously hipster. Sigma 10-20mm


Working toward the shallow DOF with my 55-250 canon lens. San Fran being 75 degrees and a wind-blown sunny made no part of me miss Forget-icut...errrr I mean Connecticut
Deliberate shallow DOF with my 55-250 canon lens. San Francisco being 75 degrees and a wind-blown sunny made no part of me miss Forget-icut…errrr I mean Connecticut.