Six Hours Before The Sinus Infection

Entering the Three Gorges Damn: Day Two of our Century Sun Cruise

Hooray insects! Better outside than in :)

Getting artsy. Due to the Yangtze River flooding, we had a four hour layover/hangout at the Grand Theater before boarding a shuttle bus for a three hour trip east. Made only slightly better by the Snickers bar from the airport to tide me over until the next morning.

I like color. And playing with camera settings on my T3i that I don’t quite effectively use…

Chongqing. As the sinus infection maliciously lays dormant.

As seen the morning after boarding our Sun Century Cruise. Due to the flooding, we sat in port overnight–hard to effectively sail a four day cruise itinerary when you lose 200km of the trip

Holy Smog Batman! Is that actually the sky?!?!