Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum a.k.a. The Terra Cotta Warriors

Be ready to spike your ISO–the airplane-hanger-like housings for the displays are kept dark to shield the statues from harmful UV rays and pollution.

Traveler’s Tip: DO NOT take the for-a-fee shuttle from the ticket window up to the museum entrance–approximately a 600m trip up a slight incline. Walking the distance takes you through the tourist trap vendors–and most won’t bother you unless you show interest in their booths.

Elbowing my way to the railing. Space along that sides of the pit is easier to come by–but accessing the main viewing area at the head of the pit comes at a premium. The space is always packed with flag-waving tourist groups, but with the correct combination of patience and might, you can eventually wiggle your way to the front–and the resulting pictures will be well worth it.

DO NOT—UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES–BUY YOUR SOUVENIR TERRA COTTA STATUES AT THE MUSEUM GIFT SHOP!!!! I repeat: DON’T DO IT!!!! The exact, identical statues can be purchased at the HUNDREDS of street vendors in the corridor outside the museum FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST. Think 30 RMB versus 300 RMB–Poor math but think 5 USD versus 45!
10 RMB cost for a ktichy photo-op–Tourists SWARM to this thing. Only saw these guys in the¬†afternoon as we were leaving the museum (We arrived around 1pm) and they probably roll in 50-60 USD an hour!

I like how the rice paddy almost shows up as a faux tilt-shift