Forbidden City a.k.a. The Day Randy Lost His Sunglasses

As seen after entering the Forbidden City. Site was crowded-but not as packed as some websites warned.

Pop Quiz: FYI the female statue has the Lioness crushing a cub under her paw, while the male version has a sphere (a.k.a. Earth) under his. Impress your tour guide before they can tell you…

Marble carving-the largest stone sculpture in the Forbidden City-located behind the Hall of Preserved Harmony. One continous piece that was carted to Beijing from 70k away. Hop on that p90x and get ready to move a 250 ton slab! Boom. Roasted.

Shooting for something artsy

About 45 minutes away from epically failing to hail a cab at the Forbidden City. Traveler’s tip-be prepared to take public transport away from the city-most cabbies won’t stop due to the high police presence. Normally taking the bus isn’t a problem-as long as you have a Chinese tour guide able to decipher the (non-english) bus schedule.

Apparently I can’t sit still during Randy’s Pro HDR iPhone app