First Pics of the Three Gorges Damn Project + Other Sites From The Trip

The Yangtze Rive Three Gorges Damn Project. Slated from completion in 2015. Last stop of our four day cruise down the Yangtze-unfortunately, due to flooding, we disembarked our ship approx. 60km upstream-instead of sailing through the ship-locks. Shot from a hilltop above the damn project-maybe a quarter mile away. Wish I’d taken an iPhone tilt-shift.

As seen from the viewing platform on our Three Gorges Damn Tour.
Randy, “I’m not that into damns.”
Susan, “Not even the largest damn project in the woooorld.”
Randy, “I’ve been to the Hover Damn…”
Susan, “This is bigger than the Hoover Damn.”
Randy, “I’ know. I’ve been to the Hoover Damn and it was cool. But, like, I’m ready to go after ten minutes.”
Agreed-though, thankfully,┬áthat’s about how long the tour lasts. Disappointed–heading into the tour I was under the impression we’d be walking across the structure…

Day excursion during our cruise–Disembarkment to the Shennong Stream for a sampan ride–on a 12-passenger plywood canoe. Blindingly hot and pulled by the skinniest, most muscular men I’d seen in awhile. Before arrival we passed the famous, “Hanging Coffins.” Be prepared to see only one–if you have verrrrrry discerning eyes. Coffin–contrary to what the title suggests was hung horizontally. Most other coffins have been swallowed up by the river–now that the water line has risen 150m since construction on the damn damn began.

Along The Bund in Shanghai. (Obvious) color correction done in iPhoto.

Thought the quirky perspective made the tower appear to be sitting atop the waterfront sidewalk along the Huang River. Gorgeous Day. Gorgeous City.