EuroTrippin’ In Brussels

     Google Flights found me an extremely affordable round trip ticket from Logan Airport to Brussels, Belgium in October, 2017. This two week trip took me to three countries: Belgium, Holland, and Germany.

     Below are a few, quick iPhone pictures I snapped in Brussels. All editing done in Photoshop.

IMG_3389 An iconic Brussels landmark: The Atonium

editt The Grand Place Market in Brussels’ city center. Recommended activity: Make your own chocolates! I did my workshop through Belgian Chocolate Workshop, a 2.5 hour class.

IMG_3381 A birds-eye view from The Atonium. The attraction is 102 meters tall and is open daily until 6p.

IMG_3376 Atonium Architecture

IMG_3359 The Grand Place Market. I stayed at a budget hotel near the Bruxelles-Midi train station and had an easy, one-mile walk to the city center.

IMG_3345 Restaurant recommendation: Kokob. My first time trying authentic Ethiopian food. Reservations recommended, but I was able to grab a table early in the evening as a solo traveler. Delicious!