OneLens Trips to France

A collection of edited shots from my two week trip to France. Norwegian Air started offering non-stops flights from JFK to Paris and I couldn’t pass up a good deal. Featured are Paris, Versailles, Colmar, and Lyon (The former two, recognizable of course). Traveler’s tip: Get to The Louvre about a half hour before sunrise and set up your gear for iconic shots of I. M. Pei’s pyramids! You’ll get shots of the architecture and not be elbowing tourists out of frame. Camera gear was a mix of my Canon 5D Mark iii and my iPhone 5s.

Happy travels to wherever your lens takes you!

Some say they all look the same. I disagree. Lyon, France.
The Louvre in Paris, France. At sunrise.
Versailles, France. Crowds are unavoidable–so buy your tickets in advance. Prepare to tour the palace shoulder-to-shoulder with total strangers. The grounds outside are immaculate and give you an ample chance to find a quiet spot to balance out the experience.
View from across the Saône in Lyon, France. Shot on my iPhone 5s.
Paris, France. Couldn’t be a trip to The City of Lights without a stop at the iconic Eiffel Tower. Take the stairs!
The airport at Lyon, France. No crowds!
Photoshop-created faux-tilt-shift. My bird’s eye view from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. As a lifelong track athlete, what a wonderful view to race in-front of every week.
City streets. Lyon, France.
Colmar, France. Gotta love that lens-flare :)